Yesterday during the live Q&A one of the questions that came up was "what other IG kayaking accounts should I follow?" What ensued was for everyone to list the countless paddlers we all follow for so many different reasons, and just how many wonderful accounts there are. So, I said I'd try to list a whole lot of them. I know I'll forget a lot of them so I apologize if I didn't include you in this list! But here's some of the ones I recommend: (Instagram keeps blocking my post because of too many names! I'll try adding them as comments)Of course I'd start with @tfbergen. To me he's been one of the most iconic kayaking photographers since the day I joined IG (photo here!) And the list goes on. Ok, Instagram won't let me post the entire list I compiled. It went through to Facebook, so if you have a moment, on my Facebook account everyone I tried adding here is posted!

By August 20, 2020PHOTOS

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