We took the @orukayak Coast XT for a second paddle out on the Long Island Sound. We’ll go more into details after testing it a bit more, but here’s some initial thoughts:Setup and takedown can take less than 10 mins. Handling is overall much better than expected. Hard chines make it stable and easy to hold an edge. Turns easily when edged. Slower than a plastic or fiberglass kayak, but decent speed for what it is — bow wake is a bit confused, it does not glide through water the way a glass or plastic one does. It also is a bit wide as well which helps slow it down. But if the pace of the group is relaxed, one can easily keep up with the group. We used float bags in front and back. And many asked if you can roll it — @kayakeandoando rolled it a couple of times. Although because of the lack of hip contact, he slid from side to side. But came up every time. #orukayak #paddlingmixtape #paddleforever #optoutside

By June 10, 2019PHOTOS

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