The guys at @nimbus_paddles announced a limited run of their new wood bent shaft paddles. I got to play with one during my time in New Brunswick, and loved it. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. ………. “LIMITED RELEASE!We mean limited! Right now we are only taking ten (10) orders until further notice.We've been working hard developing this new wood bent shaft. It is absolutely unique, blending traditional woodworking and modern composite techniques. These are hollow yellow cedar shafts, with carbon fiber reinforcements, and we are pairing it up with a set of carbon fiber Wave Walker touring blades. It retains the warm feel of wood, but with added strength and reduced weight. These shafts are hand-carved for a truly custom feel, and are made with the help of EcoPoxy 's UVPoxy for durability and longevity.Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to have your hands on one of these awesome paddles! Check out our site or send us an email! – #Nimbus #NimbusPaddles #handmade #paddlingmixtape

By November 30, 2018PHOTOS

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