So the KH shirt will be making its way to @gr3gski for this epic photo. Can you tell us more about it? Huge thanks to everyone that added photos to the #paddlingMixTape gallery, it's starting to fill out nicely with a great range of padding photos. Dogs jumping out of canoes, kayaking past glaciers, beautiful sunsets, surfing action, adorable toddlers, river paddling, tons of great shots. Shoutouts to @finnpm @hannahgrall @paintbylumbers @ezeguaya @delphin_krg @wheelseth @amy_yax @wanderleyreis1 @sleepygoat @chadlukk @mortenfoyen @crazy_sea_kayaker @g.gennifer @novanapoli @therealmateusjames @liquidadventuring @piratekelli @mrweskayak @danielmendozaortiz @ingvilvalberg @rieghage @audunbirkeland @crazy_sea_kayaker @knight.jamie.m @marianne.helen @maximus_prime_69 @camillsom @ddeninger @brokenpaddleguiding @gunnaruthaug

By October 23, 2015PHOTOS

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