Since it will be a while before we get the chance to go out and play, maybe for the moment we could recreate some of the things we are looking forward to. For me, instead of real rolling waves, riding the rolling hill of our backyard. I would love to maybe see some other “Kayaker Backyards” if you have one and are willing (I’m looking at you @adam_constantine @leerichardson33 @datalapper @cloud9kayak @kristoffervan an @richie_dunne1 @rebeccamgrim and anyone else that would like to try). I hope everyone’s keeping safe and paddle soon. I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone on the front lines doing everything they can to continue to keep us safe. #paddlesoon #kayakerbackyards #paddlingmixtape #drawntowater #justaddwater

By April 12, 2020PHOTOS

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