@seakayak_mexico TAKEOVER FINAL DAY! "Tulum, Quintana Roo: The caribbean is by far my favorite place to paddle. My first experience with a kayak was here (aproximately 22 years ago). For me it’s like been like a dream, a real paradise. I will be returning here once again in 2 weeks — and in the future, I have plans to live here. In this photo I'm preparing for a roll. I like to use a snorkel to see things underwater (specially in the caribbean) when I'm practicing my rolls. I've found that practice is crucial to improve skills and feel more comfortable on the water.It's ok to make mistakes , I didn't have the chance to practice in a kayak school or with an instructor where I live, so I started from zero practicing out in the sea and watching videos on internet, and when you like something very much, you put all your effort and you can be very good at it. The most important thing of all is enjoying the sport in your own way, where you can feel happy and relaxed."

By August 16, 2020PHOTOS

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