@seakayak_mexico TAKEOVER – DAY 4"Chiapas is well known as a magical place. There are many places to explore, and Sumidero Canyon National Park was a must to do with a kayak. Few people have explored the canyon with a kayak, they don’t rent kayaks for paddling the 17 miles of the canyon. Tourists take the tour with motorboats; with a kayak, it's a different experience. You can enjoy the silence and the majestic walls that elevate more than 1 kilometer at their highest point.There are waterfalls along the way and other things to apreciate like wildlife — hundreds of american cocodriles live on the edges of the canyon! So you need to keep an eye on the water! There's no need to hurry though, you can take your time, enjoy the view, and feel the energy of this wonderful place. I woke up at 5 am to start paddling before sunrise, I did 40 minutes to the “entrance” of the canyon, the feeling of reaching and seeing how the canyon rises as you paddle does not have equal. And because I started early, there were no tourists the entire way, so I had the entire canyon to myself. I would paddle it again if the opportunity presents itself."

By August 16, 2020PHOTOS

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