@seakayak_mexico TAKEOVER – DAY 2"Laguna del Ostión (Oyster Lagoon). It is called that way because of the presence of oysters in the entire lagoon.I really love this little paradise, very beautiful and relaxing, close to home for a day trip or for camping over the weekend. The lagoon has several miles full of mangroves with all kinds of tropical animals.I like the small mangroves and palm islands where you can stop for lunch and rest. Very few people are seen here, most of them are fishermen, so the place is very quiet.If you paddle 1.2 miles from here, you will reach Jicacal, there is an exit there to open sea. If you paddle 15 miles East you will reach my city, Coatzacoalcos. If you paddle 15 miles West, you will reach a protected reserve called Los Tuxtlas, a great place away from city lights and urban sounds.This weekend I have plans to paddle here and to Peña Hermosa for camping, so it will be a 30 mile trip! Fingers crossed for good weather and clear skies, I have intentions of seeing the milky way."

By August 16, 2020PHOTOS

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