Quick funny story for #flippedoverfridays. Svend was our invited Danish mentor at #HRGF this past weekend. Not only does he have decades of first hand experience in traditional paddling and Greenlandic culture, he's also an master qajaq builder. Anyway, we were goofing around one afternoon and he asked us if we'd heard of the "unexpected roll". Of course I said no, and he proceeded to have me cross my arms, and hold my paddle across my chest. As I sat there waiting for further instructions and trying to decipher how I'd roll from that position, (this is where the video starts) Svend leaned over with his paddle and pushed me over. I realized the joke as I went over, and tried anyway to roll, and somehow I came up to my surprise. I'm so glad @datalapper caught it on camera. Watch with sound on! #paddlingmixtape

By August 18, 2020PHOTOS

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