PROOF! After months of research, I have scientific proof that beards DO indeed make a difference when paddling. Just look at this collective feedback:@bensch___ : I usually get 1st or 2nd place in surf events. Last time I shaved, boom, 3rd. @jaimesharp_adventures : I discovered polar bears won't eat you if you have a polar beard@benjaminfontenot : I catch better waves the less I shave @losteloquence : My beard is ballast. As Turner Wilson always says, "beard out of the water last." @sleepygoat : I wasn’t blessed with an overabundance of chin—without the beard, it’s just a neoprene hood perched atop a drysuit neck gasket. Would scare the crap outta the locals@matt.skuse : I once survived a Norwegian winter with a small knife, two sections of non quilted toilet paper, a single left flip flop ….. and a beard@barrywalstead : I can't tell. I've had mine since the 3rd grade@kristoffervan : My spiritual animal is a beard@tfbergen : my GoPro batteries always last longer@kayakeandoando : no beard, no tequila@kayakontario : Dang, can't grow one@kayaktothesea : My Beard teaches more people to roll than I do@theseakayaker_mexico : weather is always perfect here. Stop bugging me@out.i.go : duuuuuuuude, really?#paddlingmixtape

By April 1, 2018PHOTOS

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