On our last day at Lumpy we joined a rock gardening class led by Bill, @barrywalstead and Steve. Our group was awesome, we played in dynamic spots, and performed several rescues (some on purpose and some not so much…). Fantastic short day on the water to wrap up our time at #lumpywaters. A HUGE thanks to @barrywalstead for inviting me to the festival. It had been on my list for a long time, @losteloquence had been last year and loved it, and Barry reached out and extended the invite. I'm so glad you did! We'll be making our way back out to you guys again soon for sure. And of course a huge thanks to @teamaldercreek for having us along. It was so great to come out, meet so many awesome paddlers and get to learn from top coaches. #paddlingmixtape

By October 10, 2017PHOTOS

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