Link in profile, or should be available on most podcast apps (iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, etc). Over the years, the idea of a podcast has come up many times. From friends, fellow paddlers, but it never felt right because I thought most of my storytelling was too visual for a podcast. Recently, with my chats with @leerichardson33, that felt for the first time like content that could work well as a podcast – as well as follow-up episodes and Q&A’s which usually take me too long to develop on YouTube. So, this podcast will feature extra content, chats, answered questions from comments and emails, follow-discussions to videos, and keep an eye out for the next episode with Lee coming really soon. Please keep the questions and topics coming, I’m slowly continuing to get through all messages and requests. Cheers! – Luke#paddlingmixtape #optoutside #justaddwater #podcast #mypaddlestory

By January 17, 2020PHOTOS

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