KAYAKING TIPS 3 VIDEO ADDED – link in profile. Thanks for this round of questions, here's the time stamps. 00:10 @nomountainshere: So, where to store the paddle float and bilge pump. On the deck does not really appeal to me; gets in the way and can be lost. Any alternatives?01:47 @reldin: The Alaw Bach seems like a perfect kayak, but only round hatches… Can you live without an oval hatch? Or what do you dislike about the Alaw?03:20 @artistg: I need to replace my deck bungees, do you have a favorite online source?04:03 @mattgn1: I've been kayaking pretty much my whole life but I'm just getting into photography. The only thing I have a problem with is taking a sharp picture when there are any sizable waves. Any hints? :) 04:43 @samkigyos: How did you come up with the name logo of kayakhipster? Also do you still have any kayakhipster stickers left?? 05:57 @aaronfleishman: Asking even though I know the answer…"Some kayak 'experts' always talk poorly about box store Rec kayaks and say they are limiting. What am I missing out on? It floats and I can paddle it just fine." Have fun with this one!Let me know if you'd like to discuss these any further. I hope they were helpful! #paddlingmixtape

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