It's finally here! Here's a quick tip if you're shipping kayaks across the country. Make sure to speak directly to the receiving terminal to schedule your pick up. Don't just talk to the shipping company. I spoke several times with them, they assured me it was all set. I drove over an hour to the terminal, they had no idea that I was coming or where the package was. The company did not send them any info about the pickup. Now, the guys working there were fantastic, and were willing to go through their numerous containers to find it, but told me it would take a while. When I told them it was a package 20' long, a lightbulb went on and they knew exactly where it was. So it worked out great — but next time I will be calling the folks doing the work directly to make sure they know I'm coming. The kayak came without a scratch, packaging was fantastic, can't wait to see it in the sunlight and actually get to paddle it. @sterlingskayaks, the build looks sick. Will report back as soon as it touches the water! #paddlingmixtape #sterlingkayaks

By January 20, 2018PHOTOS

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