I was part of a fantastic day long surf class yesterday led by @jaimesharp_adventures and Marcel. We focused on the basics of surfing, and got to play in some awesome conditions. I worked on 2 things: getting more comfortable in the bigger stuff — holding my position, bracing, and paddling in different orientations. And surfing and rolling in the smaller waves. It was so great getting to play in these conditions. The group did awesome, everyone had really good runs and some fun spills. @kayakeandoando and @sleepygoat rocked it, and of course @jamiesharp_adventures, @kate_hives and @bensch___ made the really big stuff look easy. I finally got to test a @sterlingskayaks Illusion, which was so much fun in the surf. Last day of #lumpywaters ! @teamaldercreek #paddlingmixtape #surf

By October 8, 2017PHOTOS

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