I was nominated by @adam_constantine to share 10 important moments / photos in my paddling history, I will do my best to share some fun stories over the next couple of days. I think this should be my first for sure. When I began paddling, I took to the web to find interesting destinations for paddling world wide. Right away, photos taken by @tfbergen and @kristoffervan stood out as they shared their adventures exploring Norwegian location. The second photo in this series was one of my main motivations for reaching out to paddlers around the world to try to visit their local playgrounds. Fast forward a couple of years, and I found myself exploring Lofoten with @kristoffervan ‘s group, and all of a sudden towards the end of the trip I found myself looking at @tfbergen’s photo in Reine. It blew me away, especially since I had this same photo from his calendar on my desk at work for a couple of months leading up to the trip — but didn’t realize we’d be visiting this spot. It was surreal to be in person at the location that had been inspiration for so long. #paddlingmixtape #norway #lofoten #mypaddlingstory #justaddwater #optoutside #paddleforever

By October 15, 2019PHOTOS

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