Daniel, @seakayak_mexico is taking over my feed for the week. "This was a great day for paddling, sunny and calm. We did a 6 mile day trip from Coatzacoalcos to Villa Allende to spend some time on the other side of the beach. This is the Allende side, I took this photo when we were returning. It has a green lighthouse and the one of Coatzacoalcos has a red one (to the right). I spend most of the time in this zone when I'm kayaking. It's a wonderful area to play on the tide race when the sea gets rough, especially on windy days form the north. Between the lighthouses there is a big river, very important for navigation, big boats from all over the world enter here.The port of Coatzacoalcos is located at 2.5 miles from this place. Also, in this place you can fish and snorkel, max depth is about 66 feet, so be careful with that!!"

By August 16, 2020PHOTOS

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