8 Tips for Choosing a Drysuit for Kayaking – Kayak Hipster

By November 6, 2017mixtape, tips, VIDEOS

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  • Matt McGough says:

    I have had both dry tops and dry suits, but lately have gone “retro” with wetsuits tailored to the season. For very cold water I wear a hooded full-suit with 5 mm body and 4 mm arms and a small horizontal chest zipper. I am rolling in 40 F water with no problems. I think the integral insulating hood and very limited water infiltration are a big help, so people shouldn’t judge all wetsuits by past experience with a leaky NRS farmer john! This type of suit is a bit challenging to get in / out of unassisted, however there are videos showing the basic procedure. Wetsuits are typically much less expensive than dry-gear, so you can afford to buy 2-3 different suits tailored to different conditions.

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