#5 – This was my first drone photo while on the water. Unlike drones today, that are getting smaller than a phone, this monster required a 50 liter drybag and most of my front hatch (and 2 other 10 liter bags for the controller and batteries). Nothing smart about it, no return to home, minimal gps. If anything happened, it would try to land where it was… not the best for water shots. I remember on a trip to Maine, I had my low volume Isel and chose to give up a lot of my gear to fit the drone instead. (Video in profile) and I ended up losing some of the footage (long story). @fgeyfman and @kayakeandoando were always willing to come out with me for testing of new equipment. I miss those calmer weekends before kid schedules came. One quick note on drones, please always be conscious of other people and wildlife if you choose to fly. If you see wildlife you might disrupt, please opt not to fly and find another time or place. #paddlingmixtape #optoutside #paddleforever #mypaddlestory

By November 8, 2019PHOTOS

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