Minimize Deck Compass Interference when Packing your Kayak – Weekly Kayaking Tips – Kayak Hipster

By April 13, 2017mixtape, tips, VIDEOS


  • Matt McGough says:

    Only ferromagnetic metals (carbon-steel and some stainless-steels) need to be kept away from a compass. Aluminum, brass, austenitic stainless, etc. will not cause a problem. It should be OK to put tent poles in the forward compartment, assuming they are aluminum. A stainless pot would probably be an austenitic alloy, and also OK. Stainless cutlery would probably be a ferritic alloy, and not OK.

    • kayak_hipster says:


      You’re COMPLETELY right. The problem I’ve found is that we can’t be 100% sure that each of these items are made up of only aluminum, etc. For example, tent poles might have caps or rings made up of other materials, or maybe you keep stakes in the same bag and those might not be aluminum. I think the point is just to keep an eye out for that, maybe place the items near the compass and check for interference.

      I was surprised how many items I thought should be safe were not in fact at all, and caused quite a bit of interference.

      Thanks for the thorough explanation though. Cheers!

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